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Iron Man’s suit actually has hot rod red while Kerfuffle’s prosthetic leg has orange-red, but it’s still close enough for a comparison.
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Can’t say anything in regard to the text in the picture, but going off the description statement:

Iron Man’s red and gold armor is supposed to be a gold colored high density alloy that can resist cold of high atmosphere, with a layer of fire engine red paint on it to break it up, and admittedly, making it look really cool.

Kerfuffle’s leg has the yellowish-brown colors that look to go with copper and brass (with brass being an alloy of copper and zinc). While the technology level varies and is inconsistent, it would make sense that the leg is largely compromised of copper, with brass fixings, both making it more durable, and breaking up the coloration some, making it look uniform and fitting together, without it all being a single color.
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Does this count as pixel art?

What even is the argument anyway? That her prosthetic has some yellow on so it’s an iron man reference? That sounds like a delete-worthy post on it’s own.
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