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(Another commission for Alexander. Thank you so much dude!)

The Hagfish hive makes its nest somewhere south of Horseshoe Bay and preys upon seafaring ponies in the surrounding small fishing villages. Since they have limited resources to work with, they have a strict organization within the hive that ensures that each member fulfills a vital role in the daily routines. The hive chambers are usually connected by underwater tunnels, making enemy infiltration or invasion very difficult. It also makes it difficult to stash away ponies in any capacity, but since pickings are slim and no one wants to arouse suspicion, the hive usually contents itself with taking a little bit of love here and there instead of abducting ponies outright and draining them all at once.
Here we can see Queen Myxine inspecting this year's meager cluster of future hive members. (related: >>658319 )


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