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Ember — Gemstones for the Gem Throne [newgrounds source]
Can't believe it took me this long to draw Best Dragon again.
safe1556032 artist:marik azemus34350 princess ember5709 anthro226096 dragon46626 absolute cleavage2699 barefoot23826 breasts235042 busty princess ember811 claws4496 cleavage30357 clothes401351 dragon lord ember958 dragoness6485 feet33865 female880315 gemstones62 high res20822 jewelry49127 lava745 looking at you140660 necklace14767 no mouth460 queen594 serious1012 serious face982 solo959747 spread wings46822 stupid sexy princess ember47 throne2719 wings72094


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I said Dragon Lady, not Dragon Lord. Lord is the masculine form for title whilst Lady is the feminine equivalent. There is no difference in power, just one applies to male whils the other is female. Given Ember is female, she should have the title Dragon Lady.

Not a fault by yourself, just the site's taggin abilities.