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I always wanted to know what best princess Celestia looked like with wet hair, so I ended up with this! :D
I’m mega proud of this, (mostly with the water and the mountains, especially the mountains because I usually take days on mountains :lol: )
I like to imagine Celestia being desperate to get out of the Royal life and have a break every now and then, even if it’s swimming in a lake away from Canterlot. I know I would, especially if I had wings and gave no fucks.
Luna version:

Alternate source
safe (1393745)artist:dvixie (589)princess celestia (81918)alicorn (156117)beautiful (3447)canterlot (3700)cloud (27767)cloudy (5762)cute (141870)cutelestia (2562)dock (36508)female (725273)lake (1151)lidded eyes (17513)looking back (40250)majestic (586)mare (317834)pony (659692)pretty (607)realistic horse legs (735)sky (9036)smiling (176194)solo (856243)source in the description (15)swanlestia (126)swimming (1439)water (9581)wet (6000)wet mane (4412)


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With princess celesta taking a dip in the lake was those wonder whom in the cottage to the right was to have a view of a wet allicorn.
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