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Uh, wow. Sunset got a gift from TwiDash. How the story happen? Go check my Instagram.
safe1585442 artist:aryatheeditor194 sunset shimmer58139 equestria girls181617 3d63770 boots19387 car5503 clothes412838 high heel boots4855 jacket10953 lamborghini129 lamborghini huracan8 photoshop3695 pose4844 shirt21487 shoes30793 simple background348301 skirt35777 solo979331 studio109 supercar188 vignette79 wheel438 white background88111


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Sci-Twi Lover
Whoops, I mean, Sunset Shimmer's VW GTI is a Mk7 model, not a Mk5.

Sorry, must be thinking the Mk5 VW GTI too much from Need for Speed: Most Wanted '05 and ProStreet.
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Sci-Twi Lover
Okay, just look, I'm afraid most of your personal car choices what I've seeing for Sunset Shimmer from past to today don't really fit…

First, you give her a 2015 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, that doesn't work, just why she driving a one-off concept race car that cost billion dollars? I don't think that she could fit on the Bugatti Chiron that well.

Then, you give her a Subaru BRZ, that doesn't work as well, I'm kinda prefer Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash drove the BRZ instead because that Subie fits what those two girls needs, I did make an attempt to make a replica of Sci-Twi's Subaru BRZ being modified for street racing in Need for Speed: No Limits, but sadly can't show you the results, kinda currently too lazy to post it.

Now, the Lambo Huracan, which you said that Sci-Twi and Rainbow Dash give her this, this is not on my interest for Sunset, it doesn't work for her, I'm kinda prefer Twilight Sparkle or Rarity driving the Huracan instead, not Sunset.

For Sunset, I prefer her driving a hot hatch or a motorcycle instead, on my preference, I'm kinda prefer Sunset's daily driver is a Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5, the Original Hot Hatch Game Changer, I'm always thought that she likes the newest hot hatches of today, Honda Civic Type-R [FK8] and Hyundai Veloster N [JS]. For motorcycles, since I'm not a big motorcycle enthusiast here, I'm kinda imagine that a Ducati Monster 1200 S would fit for her as a daily rider, or if she wants a badass cruiser, a Ducati XDiavel would be on top of her list.

Anyway, I'm kinda NOT making a rant here, just giving my personal taste about Sunset's vehicle choices here, but nice work by overall.