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"you gotta really flap em hard!"
suggestive (113247)artist:buttercream pony (50)twilight sparkle (260868)alicorn (164003)pony (699393)belly (20585)big (124)big belly (6202)blushing (154049)book (27101)butt (9641)fat (17658)female (761363)mare (336032)need to go on a diet (88)need to lose weight (88)obese (9010)panting (2336)plot (64997)princess twilard (354)solo (877033)struggling (678)sweat (19923)tired (2447)tongue out (75901)too fat (78)trying to fly (20)twilard sparkle (999)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102353)


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Against popular believe working out actually does close to nothing if you want to lose fat.
Your body is extremly optimized to not lose energy from movements.
If you want to lose fat just eat less.
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