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Si, Twilight, sí, se puede "meter la pata" a niveles épicos (y esto solo pasa con ponies)…

Yes, Twilight, yes, you can "screw up" to epic levels (and this only happens with ponies) …
safe (1425527)artist:grotezco (91)princess celestia (83440)princess luna (87838)twilight sparkle (259656)alicorn (162626)between dark and dawn (1101)spoiler:s09e13 (1100)crying (35622)dejected (12)from the earth to the moon (2)graffiti (856)hopping (248)hug (22552)hysterics (4)implied jules verne (1)laughing (6126)moon (18593)pinned down (134)pointing (3168)schadenfreude (42)shadow (3075)simple background (289927)smiling (182566)stack (61)sun (4978)tangible heavenly object (1180)tears of joy (1706)trollestia (735)trolluna (145)twilight is not amused (912)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101565)unamused (11256)white background (71930)


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