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Fluttershy: Girls? Where are we going?

Silverstream: CUPCAKES!

Sandbar: Wait, you’re kidnapping our teacher to join us for cupcakes?

Ocellus: Why not? Professor Pinkie always joins us

Gallus: Yeah but that’s because she works at the place selling cupcakes….. somehow. How does she even find the time?

Yona: Pink pony is like Yak. Pink Pony has mission, she achieve!

Fluttershy: Oh… Pinkie Pie is going to be there too? I guess we could go for a few minutes then…

Smolder: That’s the spirit Professor!

Silverstream: And after cupcakes… ICECREAM!

Fluttershy: oh dear…


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

friendly art program
breaking news in ponyville as a dragon and a hippogriff from princess twilight's school of friendship just f#cking kidnap one of the professors, a town resident named fluttershy