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EDIT: First place, woo!

Gunsmoke can handle a lot of recoil with any size gun. So the question is, what are you bringing to the range?

Made for an art contest set by 1st Awesome Platoon, from which Gunsmoke hails.
See here.

Happy 4th of July… go celebrate the 2nd Amendment or something. If you want to know, the gun is a (slightly ponified) Croatian RT-20; a 20mm anti-materiel rifle.
safe (1522997) artist:chopsticks (401) oc (573521) oc only (393435) oc:gunsmoke (37) earth pony (179510) pony (797651) 1st awesome platoon (141) 20mm rifle (7) anti-materiel rifle (41) cheek fluff (3918) chest fluff (29936) couch (6649) ear fluff (21193) female (847242) gun (13524) hoof fluff (864) irl (61686) lying down (8813) mare (387425) photo (69221) weapon (25498)


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