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Drawn by HelixJack but uploaded to FA by Floofy-Skunk

No real punny name this time, folks. Just an adorably Rainbow maned pony commenting on her latest masterpiece, a silly freckled farmer that's the size of a blimp! Now you get to see what that brush was for. Can't have any pony knowing that the new blimp advertising for AJ's cider IS Applejack herself! Don't worry about the paint covering her face, she can breath just fine. She's got a mask over it that matches the color…but can't have any eagle eyed ponies spotting anything out of the ordinary.~ That paint is gonna take forever to wash out…good thing she'll be up there for a few weeks!

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safe (1523268) artist:helixjack (244) applejack (154983) rainbow dash (213847) advertisement (7325) appleblimp (34) blimp (360) blushing (167825) cider mug (98) cloud (25812) hidden face (54) inflation (7874) mouth hold (14754) mug (3516) paint (1695) paint on fur (404) paintbrush (1404) question mark (3860) rope (9776) tether (121) this will end in explosions (313)


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