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Just two ex-enemies relaxing in sunny afternoon together.
Commission done by ArtisticDawn.
Love ya for doing this
It turned out so adorably
safe1588964 artist:artistic dawn2 pinkie pie204745 rainbow dash220905 earth pony203868 pegasus244752 pony856101 secrets and pies720 adorapiehater98 commission53865 cute180849 dashabetes8106 diapinkes8831 duo50090 evil pie hater dash245 female933081 hug25685 lesbian92565 pinkiedash3239 pinkiehater22 shipping185636 sketch59903 sleeping21921 smiling218452


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Background Pony #3B01
Evil Pie Hater Dash:The Baking is with you Young Pie, But Your Not a All true powerful baker yet!
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