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Mayor Sunny Skies: I am as proud as a two-tailed peacock to see you all here today to once again celebrate our little town at the end of the rainbow.

(Crowd cheers with delight)
safe1589378 screencap204115 applejack160163 barley barrel173 cottonflock13 guiding heart7 petunia petals162 pickle barrel149 rainbow dash220947 rarity171019 sunny skies111 torque wrench224 twilight sparkle284837 alicorn198173 earth pony204101 pegasus244890 pony856463 unicorn271485 rainbow roadtrip1341 background pony9330 background pony audience338 balloon9690 barrel twins110 building2164 bush2307 butt29639 colored17918 crowd894 desaturated129 desk2918 discovery family logo11396 female933553 goggles13330 grayscale36178 hat77551 hill725 hope hollow128 male310456 mare421234 microphone4519 monochrome148281 plot71658 rainbow4032 siblings6294 stage2721 stallion94330 tent828 top hat3776 tree27927 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116248 twins1970 unnamed pony1910


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