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Drew this last month. (June 2019)

Chrysalis is a bad mom, but that's not a problem since Cozy Glow is a bad daughter.
Yes, Tirek is Cozy Glow's daddy.(Twilog Splinter is her baby sister.)
safe1587704 artist:coyotecoyote36 cozy glow6343 mean twilight sparkle698 queen chrysalis32748 changeling41371 changeling queen12917 frenemies (episode)1477 angry24424 baby carrier52 cozy glow is not amused429 daddy tirek31 dialogue59662 evil twilight340 female1228157 foal14922 grumpy2336 implied chrysirek4 implied shipping4453 implied straight5142 implied tirek62 log651 mcdonald's570 mommy chrissy265 ponies riding changelings7 riding4904 simple background349663 text52074 twilog68 vignette79


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Background Pony #3C04
Cozy Glow's currency is trust, and she can only trade in it so long as she can maintain her cover. The moment you know she can't be trusted, she becomes completely powerless. Chryssi and Tirek (and Grogar of course) know all about her game, so she'll never be able to pull one over on them.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

"Daddy said" is kind of like Grogar supposedly putting you in charge: nobody's buying it.

You're not as good at bullshitting a bullshitter as you'd like Cozy.

("Twilog Splinter," I like it)
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In Treue fest
I'm sure Cozy is just getting crabby because her bugmother never lets her leave the table until she's eaten all her green slime.
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