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You Baka! XD
safe (1430753)artist:kingdark0001 (109)sunset shimmer (50730)equestria girls (159918)equestria girls series (23926)forgotten friendship (4092)angry (20046)boots (16050)clothes (356166)cross-popping veins (1090)cute (148880)cutie mark on clothes (617)dawwww (280)female (761311)geode of empathy (2093)high heel boots (4433)looking at you (120685)madorable (389)magical geodes (5507)miniskirt (3793)puffy cheeks (3150)red face (165)shimmerbetes (3424)shoes (24116)simple background (291207)skirt (31565)solo (877027)transparent background (152038)vector (66667)


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Background Pony #66E7
The way she gets angry and goes red is funny for the fact the her name is related to the sun, which is blistering hot. She gets hot from anger building up!
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Background Pony #66E7
I would boop Shimmy’s nose and hug her to calm her down, but, either way, she’s still cute.
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Background Pony #C5EC
Awwww, Shimmy is so cute when she’s mad!

Sunset: growls and snarls

Okayyyy, only when a little mad!
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