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You Baka! XD
safe1602881 artist:kingdark0001141 sunset shimmer58408 equestria girls185725 equestria girls series29770 forgotten friendship4895 angry24726 boots19550 clothes420752 cross-popping veins1416 cute184109 cute when angry24 cutie mark on clothes1116 dawwww441 female1275165 geode of empathy2652 high heel boots4952 looking at you150181 madorable597 magical geodes7618 miniskirt4805 puffy cheeks3604 red face227 shimmerbetes4052 shoes31707 simple background355516 skirt36622 solo994124 transparent background184201 vector71930


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Background Pony #7DD3
The way she gets angry and goes red is funny for the fact the her name is related to the sun, which is blistering hot. She gets hot from anger building up!
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Background Pony #7DD3
I would boop Shimmy’s nose and hug her to calm her down, but, either way, she’s still cute.
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Background Pony #FB16
Awwww, Shimmy is so cute when she's mad!

Sunset: growls and snarls

Okayyyy, only when a little mad!
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