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Commissioner wanted some Twi and Gilda. And I couldn’t resist making her fluff up.

safe2041454 artist:silfoe1572 gilda10815 twilight sparkle340561 alicorn287163 griffon33988 pony1394419 blushing248380 cheek kiss2803 chest fluff57409 commission102930 crack shipping4089 female1662021 gray background11785 grayscale45655 kissing29960 lesbian111642 mare652685 missing cutie mark5800 monochrome167476 one eye closed41760 shipping236928 simple background534447 smiling350521 spread wings81147 twilda19 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141883 wingboner9272 wings189530


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Background Pony #C7AF
For the ship…it’s cute but I can’t really see them actually having a marriage and stuff. Aren’t there some couples who don’t decide to marry anyway but stick long term? Unique dynamic Id love to see it explored.