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Background Pony #6D74
It used to be common for couples to have 6 to 12 children (though, usually, you could count on 1 to 4 of them dying in childhood), and for everyone to be busy running the farm/doing the housework/maintaining the village.

This should complete the Mount Rushmore of MILPs as far as MLP is concerned. I mean, she's the momma of 4—count them FOUR!!!—-beautiful daughters, three of of them somewhat reserved and one that is a cuckcoolander, but is a hero of Equestria.

Seriously I wonder how she mannaged it, she raised Maud, Pinkie, Limestone, and Marble all at once, or at some time where all four were there, and Papa Pie has to work the fields…

The MILFs of Equestria (Celestia is not in this, since she's a Princess first, and YMMV whether she can be considered a MILF as well)
—Twilight Velvet
— Pearl Belle (Cookie Crumbles)
— Milano (Nursery Rhymes)
— Cloudy Quartz (Mrs. Sue Pie)