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Commission for both MLP Octavia and Warframe Octavia enjoying a duet.

safe2041440 artist:silfoe1572 octavia melody26572 earth pony388863 pony1394404 belly38568 belly button99647 bipedal45420 bow (instrument)1020 cello3026 commission102924 duo133108 female1662009 gradient background19613 looking at each other29466 mare652687 musical instrument14185 namesake753 octavia (warframe)6 smiling350530 warframe136


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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #717F  
Of course, I loadout someone else against the Disruptors in the Corpus and Orokin ranks, but Vitrify works fine against Grineer and Infested. I like to use it to void their dumb asses with my crappy Operator.
Oh, and I wasn’t kidding about using her only if the enemy is under 50. >w<
Background Pony #6B3B
My point exactly. Gara’s 2 isn’t that powerful when you could just… you know… shoot them.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Gara’s been described to me as a goddess of DPS, but she doesn’t have the range of Saryn or Equinox and can’t decimate like my gal Mesa, not to mention her setup time is ludicrously expensive (energy pizzas and spamming 4 & 1), and her glass shields aren’t as good as Limbo’s Cataclysm, Khora’s Stangledome, Vauban’s everything or Frost’s Snow Globe, so I don’t really see the point in Gara aside from fashion.
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Mordor Citizen
She is good at everything.  
1-4 for defense.  
1-2 for getting out of the tricky situation.  
3 is for everything, especially for the spy missions. Kinda funny how you can be stealthy while blasting dubstep.  
As far as I can tell her only weakness is a stray AOE attacks.