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artist needed (23098)safe (1429922)edit (99241)edited screencap (44373)screencap (174873)aunt holiday (183)auntie lofty (171)bon bon (14651)dj pon-3 (26688)lyra heartstrings (26106)octavia melody (20970)sweetie drops (14640)vinyl scratch (30783)earth pony (148465)pegasus (188263)pony (698698)unicorn (203605)season 9 (541)slice of life (episode) (1541)the last crusade (551)spoiler:s09e12 (553)caption (13711)disappointed black guy (2)female (760664)hasbro (1988)hasbro logo (199)hilarious in hindsight (2854)image macro (33151)lesbian (81957)lofty day (53)lyrabon (2802)meme (73475)op is a duck (3792)scootaloo's aunts drama (18)scratchtavia (2668)shipping (164609)text (40629)

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Thorned Rose Ninja's avatar
Thorned Rose Ninja

I wish they’d been brave enough to admit lyra and bon bon were more than "best friends".

…Well no, they gave us plenty of hints afterwards

but just never "came out" and said it.
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Background Pony #5EAD
@David Murphy

Well, many fans mostly cheer characters they’ve known for many years rather than a just introduced characters. The time dipped in the fandom of the characters does matters a lot.

LyraBon is now canon.
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David Murphy
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Duck - 1104243, just... 1104243
Duck - Likes to sockpuppet for drama

It’s not the show’s responsibility to make your ship canon. You have no right to complain that the show didn’t make your ship canon.

@Background Pony #6959
and Rainbow Roadtrip

They weren’t even in rainbow roadtrip.

suddenly everyone’s supposed to act like it’s a huge development when it isn’t.

Says who?

and share a lot of memorable scenes together

You mean two scenes in one episode. Background appearances don’t count.
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Background Pony #6959
@Background Pony #292C
How much of an incel do you have to be to believe they’re couples?

I’m so tired of people misusing that term. Shipping LyraBon does not make you an incel. People like what they like. Get over it.

Besides, does anybody really care about Scootaloo’s aunts? They were thrown into the comics and Rainbow Roadtrip out of nowhere, yet suddenly everyone’s supposed to act like it’s a huge development when it isn’t. Lyra and Bon Bon earned the fandom’s appreciation. They’re cute, relatable, and share a lot of memorable scenes together. Scootaloo’s aunts just feel tacked on and retroactively cheapen the surrogate family relationship Scoots had with Rainbow Dash and the CMC. Call me "reactionary", but I agree with the OP and am really upset by all the downvotes here.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Birthday Cake - Celebrated MLP's 7th birthday

She is our Queen
I’m just happy we got a same sex couple. Besides, everyone knows Lyrabon is true. Octavia and Vinyl seem like just friends. The creators haven’t teased them as a couple like they have done with Lyrabon.

Also, don’t forget the best background boy couple
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