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Good Morning!
All of the older apple cousins. There’s three more but they’re all fillies.
Applejack X Caramel – Cinnamon Apple & Golden Caramel
Fluttershy X Big Mac – Orange Orchard, Lilly, and Jonagold
Apple Bloom X Tender Taps – Dandilion Dancer
Base: www.deviantart.com/melodysweet…
safe (1425033)artist:wispyaxolotl (21)oc (523374)oc:cinnamon apple (19)oc:dandilion dancer (1)oc:golden caramel (4)oc:jonagold (20)oc:lilly (54)oc only (363050)oc:orange orchard (2)earth pony (147222)pegasus (186961)pony (687873)apple tree (2209)base used (10499)bipedal (26941)female (756673)filly (50251)next generation (5366)offspring (28695)parent:apple bloom (547)parent:applejack (2737)parent:big macintosh (2117)parent:caramel (591)parent:fluttershy (3368)parents:carajack (551)parents:fluttermac (844)parents:tenderbloom (142)parent:tender taps (152)pony pile (619)pony pyramid (32)tower of pony (171)tree (22484)


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