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Second Life Pony Community Photo 2019. 134 total participants. (64 in the original photo, 70 green-screen ‘shopped into the picture). Editing done by me. ~Ember (isolte.ember) in SL.
safe1585448 screencap203101 applejack159856 derpy hooves48390 doctor whooves10114 princess celestia90363 princess luna94269 queen chrysalis32538 rainbow dash220553 sunset shimmer58139 time turner10098 twilight sparkle284325 oc610528 oc:serendypity23 alicorn197447 anthro232944 bat pony43670 breezie2040 changeling40677 earth pony202650 giraffe835 human143692 pegasus243555 pony853050 unicorn270115 zebra15882 princess molestia3150 anthro with ponies2302 bat pony oc14418 bat wings6183 clothes412841 community39 group2908 group photo705 humanized94714 laying on stomach387 neighberry5 photo71432 photoshop3693 scarf21220 second life901 side6459 sitting55623 standing10304 wings78266 zebra oc2479


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