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Second Life Pony Community Photo 2019. 134 total participants. (64 in the original photo, 70 green-screen ‘shopped into the picture). Editing done by me. ~Ember (isolte.ember) in SL.
safe (1429577)screencap (174813)applejack (147875)derpy hooves (45897)doctor whooves (9532)princess celestia (83668)princess luna (88025)queen chrysalis (29361)rainbow dash (203982)sunset shimmer (50682)time turner (9522)twilight sparkle (260575)oc (525311)alicorn (163647)anthro (200691)bat pony (35833)breezie (1901)changeling (32467)earth pony (148356)giraffe (732)human (130805)pegasus (188145)pony (698323)unicorn (203459)zebra (13454)princess molestia (3054)anthro with ponies (1740)bat pony oc (10107)bat wings (2754)clothes (355822)community (38)group (2431)group photo (622)humanized (88025)laying on side (726)laying on stomach (153)neighberry (2)photo (66447)photoshop (3505)scarf (17471)second life (773)sitting (46107)standing (8243)wings (53061)zebra oc (1774)


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