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Oof, wow, she own a GT500? How did she own that? even though she works in pet store.
safe1588965 artist:aryatheeditor199 fluttershy199571 equestria girls182140 3d63999 car5527 elements of harmony2350 ford mustang109 kindness171 photo71541 photoshop3695 pose4871 shelby19 shelby gt500 mustang17 simple background349703 solo982102 studio109 style110 vignette79 white background88439


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Background Pony #3033
This particular version is the upcoming 2020 GT500 with 760 horsepower. With a little tune and a bigger intake it could easily take down a Dodge Hellcat IMO
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Background Pony #3033
Like most muscle cars, the GT500 has a low growl as you cruise in second gear, but when you put your foot down… 650+ horses of roaring bears come surging from that crankshaft as the supercharger whines.

Source: I've seen people floor these cars in person and it's loud asf
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Sci-Twi Lover
Which leads me some several answers to this, I don’t think a Ford Mustang, Shelby GT350, and Shelby GT500 don’t work well for her, she's not interested against muscle cars here, that class should be belongs to Rainbow Dash. As apart Rainbow Dash’s interest with those fast supercars and some JDM vehicles, she is also interested with modern pony cars like this. For Fluttershy, she should stay with the economy cars instead, well, you’ve previously give her a Tesla Model X and then a Smart ForTwo, those cars are fit very well for her, the Model X is fully electric and has a good amount practicality (although, I'm also imagine Sci-Twi has interest with the Model X as well, because it got a lot of tech inside), while the Smart ForTwo is small, cute, and has a low fuel economy, which fits Fluttershy's image very well. Good thing I had a fifth generation Subaru Outback in mind for her on my side, even thought there’s a newer sixth generation Outback on the horizon.

There's also four more fitting cars for her: Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen T2, MINI Cooper, and Fiat 500.