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A State of Sugar - Waffle

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I’m fighting an art block atm, I just hope I can overcome my issues soon. Maybe this will help my case, tho making this picture took me several days.

safe (1409748)artist:eeviart (65)princess celestia (82642)twilight sparkle (256863)magical mystery cure (1992)alicorn (159257)collar (24215)crown (10332)duo (38195)eye contact (5595)female (743234)hoof fluff (594)jewelry (37593)long feather (53)looking at each other (12171)mare (325407)necklace (11937)pony (675170)princess celestia's special princess making dimension (119)regalia (11697)smiling (179402)teacher and student (181)unicorn (196029)unicorn twilight (7395)unshorn fetlocks (18232)


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