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Put the coffee down, princess Luna…
safe (1504515) artist:acesential (380) princess celestia (86855) princess luna (90952) alicorn (179878) pony (781411) against glass (1153) breaking the fourth wall (727) coffee (3353) cute (163553) duo (43755) female (828622) floppy ears (43952) food (56175) fourth wall (2066) fourth wall pose (47) frog (hoof) (8803) glass (3697) implied ponified (3) implied transformation (333) looking at you (131810) luna found the coffee (38) mare (376429) royal sisters (3528) siblings (4756) sisters (6500) tea (2684) underhoof (44120) wide eyes (15538)


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The Pank is dank.
And as a black(ish) man I loled. As Daniel Tosh said "It's funny because it's Racist."
Physically speaking, black people have a bit more in common with "monkeys" than anyone else.
What with the typically wide/flared nostrils, and protruding mouth area.
Maybe aboriginal Australians are the exception, however. As they look closer to Cro-Magnons than anyone else.