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Casino Date
Octavia and Vinyl went out for a date, though only one of them seems focused on the game. At at those chips are making for a great tip. Hope you all enjoy.  
This might turn into a series, if you wish to see more casino stuff please leave a comment below :)
Lines by Marauder6272  
Colors, shades and background by blues64
suggestive159946 artist:blues641259 artist:marauder62721940 dj pon-330684 fluttershy227819 marble pie7133 octavia melody25184 vinyl scratch30683 earth pony313920 pegasus356873 unicorn394570 anthro292622 unguligrade anthro54617 series:lady (un)luck casino34 absurd resolution69270 big breasts96137 blushing222032 breasts315700 busty fluttershy19427 busty marble pie825 busty octavia melody2729 busty vinyl scratch2802 casino126 cleavage38364 clothes519356 collaboration5867 dealer5 evening gloves9257 female1502539 females only14200 fishnet pantyhose165 fishnets6134 gloves23118 grin47173 huge breasts44771 hyper12463 hyper breasts5525 impossibly large breasts19034 leotard5260 long gloves6979 pants17093 pantyhose3700 smiling297546 sunglasses16832 waitress902


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Ghost of Zeon

lol Twilight opens the Friend ship casino to raise funds for Equestria (cause nobility had been screwing up the budget) she staffs the place with mares dressed in magic uniforms to make staff look like her and her friends and some family that volunteered to let their looks be used.