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Background Pony #0E1E
1. Whyru getting so defensive?
2.i meant that wasnt his normal travel gear. He wore it in one episode which was initially the episode he went to rescue her. So
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Background Pony #0E1E
Why does Discord have the gear on he went to rescue Fluttershy with in To Where and Back Again? You silly fool, your waifu has already been rescued.
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Eris best pony
Smooze really is involved with Discord in many episodes where it appear…

And then, Smoozecord became official in the show to don’t make Fluttercord canon.
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Passionate opinionator
I watched this episode last night and I FUCKING LOVE IT. Any episode that gives Celestia a major supporting and/or starring role is an A+ for me!
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Background Pony #1DD3
Those alternate manestyles looking hawt. Can’t wait till someone lewds Tia looking like that.
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