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safe1971090 artist:hunternif115 echo (g4)84 nocturn82 princess luna109237 oc836314 oc:au hasard83 alicorn274323 bat pony64110 pony1322790 cloud37830 commission96645 female1602732 forest12807 glowing eyes13650 glowing horn25474 horn117188 horseshoes2591 jewelry91222 male459644 mare618042 moon28033 night32863 night guard2078 rain7046 regalia29805 stallion150022 trio17497


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A long overdue comission for Kasar700
The Royal Night Guards set out on their nightly patrol on a trail in the woods near Canterlot. The seasoned veteran Echo’s usual partner Nocturne is out on a special assignment, so in his stead a young guard Au Hasard has joined Echo for the first time. More to his surprise, Princess Luna herself decides to walk the trail tonight.  
A light summer rain breaks through the canopy, and the guards rush to the princess’s side and spread their leathery wings to block out the rain as best they can. Appreciative of their instinct, Luna however doesn’t seem to mind the weather at all. She enjoys the refreshing atmosphere and the gentle tapping of raindrops on her coat, and if it grows too heavy she can easily stave off the rain with her magic.
from the deviantart page