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safe1557643 screencap195423 applejack157398 fluttershy195968 pinkie pie201577 rainbow dash217422 rarity168187 twilight sparkle280090 alicorn191476 earth pony191615 pegasus233219 pony828772 unicorn258625 rainbow roadtrip1240 100 bottles of pop4 animated91117 applejack's hat5188 best friends598 cowboy hat12782 cute173795 dashabetes7784 diapinkes8427 female881812 gif27483 hat75224 headbob390 jackabetes4994 mane six29042 mare405433 raribetes4506 shyabetes11169 singing5746 twiabetes9965 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113866


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New Soul
Reminds me of that one scene from Not Asking For Trouble where the Yaks and Pinkie were bobbing their heads to the music of a phonograph.