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edit of >>181157  
I don’t know who did the edit, it was in a drawthread
suggestive170114 artist:maniacpaint489 edit154408 fluttershy235740 anthro309791 big breasts104007 bondage40291 bound2089 breast bondage1086 breasts335850 bunny ears4357 busty fluttershy20590 cleavage40271 clothes549393 dangerous mission outfit829 female1578794 femsub12749 fluttersub520 gag17274 gloves24712 goggles16249 hoodie17456 looking at you212223 rope13970 sexy36709 simple background490216 socks80132 solo1245568 solo female204283 stockings41117 submissive20968 tape gag1242 thigh highs47480 white background126612 zipper982


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Trixie’s capture of Fluttershy was short lived, for the Pegasus had concealed a small blade in her vast cleavage! When the crazed Trixie turned her back, Fluttershy cut herself free from her bounds, and escaped from the Unicorn’s clutches!
Background Pony #7198
my guess it that she got busted by trixie on her way out
“oh Fluttershy, you didn’t think that you could escape the great and powerful Trixie, did you?