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semi-grimdark30443 artist:squipycheetah294 applejack173613 fluttershy217645 pinkie pie220571 rainbow dash239006 rarity185999 starlight glimmer49886 twilight sparkle306667 butterfly7318 earth pony267827 pegasus310761 pony1014993 unicorn344171 fanfic:an apple sleep experiment34 fanfic:butterflies6 fanfic:cupcakes1974 fanfic:forever faithful4 fanfic:rainbow factory1209 fanfic:the friendship test5 lil-miss rarity525 alternate color palette469 applejack's hat8535 backwards cutie mark3453 bandage5849 bandana5530 blood25326 bloodshot eyes1573 clothes477341 corrupted2784 cowboy hat17298 crazy face975 creepy4450 creepypasta903 crossed arms5376 crossed hooves2011 cupcake5568 cute206227 doll6037 empty eyes579 evil3017 evil grin4633 eye scar5193 faic12563 fanfic art14982 female1405820 floppy ears54766 flying39540 folded wings6657 food73211 freckles30213 glowing eyes11614 glowing horn20636 grin41234 gritted teeth13321 hat90701 horn78346 implied death2675 implied murder937 inverted colors367 lab coat2258 leg brace80 letter3116 looking at you176371 looking up17208 magic75595 mane six32648 messy mane7952 narrowed eyes897 open mouth155362 pinkamena diane pie19398 pinkamena doll21 quill2767 rainbow cupcake226 rainbow factory dash361 raised hoof48601 scar12476 scarred134 scroll3484 shovel1012 sleep deprivation84 smiling262503 smirk13082 smug6298 smuglight glimmer280 snapplejack64 spread wings57296 teeth10564 toy22489 twilight snapple2072 twilight's castle4103 unicorn twilight18793 watermark16995 wings123902


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Clever Clovers
Artist -

Element Of Luck
“Girls, it’s AUGUST. Nightmare Night is still two months away.”
“Uh, Clever? We’re behind you.”
“Wait, Twi, if you’re there, then who’s…”  
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