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safe (1446533)artist:spaboofy (29)applejack (149577)pinkie pie (190957)rarity (159439)anthro (203798)adorasexy (7782)armpits (36450)barefoot (21877)belly button (60451)breasts (208825)busty pinkie pie (8527)clothes (362116)coffee (3196)cute (151797)eyes closed (69207)feet (30015)food (52350)ice cream (4059)milkshake (1269)pants (10071)sexy (19080)shirt (17566)sunburst background (815)


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Master Fox
It’s not great by any measure. But I’d say it’s at least enjoyable enough for 1 watch. Especially for those who aren’t kids since it’s so full of tropes and memes and references.
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Its full of ponies!
@Master Fox
I liked the first movie, haven’t seen the second one yet except in reviews. I just decided to censor the picture because I know a good number of people hate the franchise.
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