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NATG 2019 Day 3 Pony in Need of Schooling —- Scoots is always fun to draw. I wanna focus on having backgrounds and some sort of composition in this years ATG. Shame it happens when I’m busiest with work!
safe (1429403)artist:tallaferroxiv (200)apple bloom (43619)cheerilee (8813)scootaloo (46521)sweetie belle (43819)earth pony (148319)pegasus (188088)pony (698174)unicorn (203381)book (27072)calendar (419)cutie mark crusaders (16244)desk (2424)female (760199)horn (26177)school (1438)scowl (432)sleeping (19227)smiling (183221)window (5991)wings (53033)


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