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AMERICA! yay! YEAH! I don't know about you, but nothing says "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" like a bikini-clad lady dual-wielding automatic shotguns.

(By the way, Rarity's comment about Sunset is in reference to this.)

Commission from Pshyzo's Patreon. Posted with artist's permission.
safe1723896 artist:pshyzomancer493 rainbow dash235863 rarity183352 equestria girls202790 4th of july416 aa-1219 american flag bikini113 american independence day325 ameridash3 armpits43146 bikini18450 blushing200485 breasts282148 cape10502 clothes466013 commission70237 darling628 embarrassed11537 female1378627 flag bikini124 gun16113 holiday20286 murica131 patreon12764 patreon logo8686 rarity is not amused457 rarity's charity fashion calendar4 shotgun1497 skirt40291 sunglasses14689 swimsuit28761 trigger discipline255 unamused16439 weapon30849


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Warning: Nuts Inside
Both of those guns are even heavier and not possible to one-hand like that. Dashie is fit, but she's not Bulk Biceps. Even the AA-12s require some suspension of disbelief.
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@Horatio Horseblower
I'm still not sure it was a good idea to give her those guns. Admittedly I'm not a gun person, but I'd imagine good trigger discipline only goes so far in the face of poor impulse control.
Ghost of Zeon


he is also 6 something and x special forces and a lot stronger then a teen girl.

the gun is also 10.5 pounds not counting the drum witch can be 20 or 32 round so full loaded both could be 30 pounds. mind the original version was also heaver as the weight was reduced from 11 pounds.

Hammers are fun
Oof, two fully automatic AA12s? That's expensive. And if they're heavy, that means the drum mags are loaded too. Dash is ready to fuck shit up!
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That bikini is a clear violation of the US Flag Code and she should remove it immediately.


Big loud things on poles
AA12’s are much lighter than that rainbow. So light that you can actually one hand them. Don’t believe me, go checkout FPS Russia