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This boy’s too young to be singin’ the blues.

BonesBonded posted another "masterpiece" yesterday, and I couldn’t resist <3., seen here >>2076226

Special thanks to
Nebula1701 for sponsoring me drawing this, made him a special dress version <3!

Orig — >>2077186
suggestive129568 artist:frist441295 smolder6754 spike75349 dragon48977 abuse6404 blushing178263 bully502 bullying564 clothes414658 crown14349 dress40020 eyeliner882 eyeshadow13324 female934048 jewelry52184 lipstick9714 makeup18085 male310693 meme78867 princess smolder172 regalia16721 screaming3007 shipping185785 spikeabuse781 spolder310 straight122905 this will end in school shooting62 tiara3175 wedgie1450


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