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This boy’s too young to be singin’ the blues.

@BonesBonded posted another "masterpiece" yesterday, and I couldn’t resist <3., seen here >>2076226

Special thanks to @Nebula1701 for sponsoring me drawing this, made him a special dress version <3!

Orig – >>2077186
suggestive (112977)artist:frist44 (1171)smolder (5028)spike (68447)dragon (37602)abuse (5501)blushing (153675)bully (354)bullying (483)clothes (355304)crown (10735)dress (34984)eyeliner (722)eyeshadow (10468)female (759078)jewelry (38954)lipstick (8080)makeup (14068)male (257674)meme (73410)princess smolder (146)regalia (12255)screaming (2516)shipping (164307)spikeabuse (616)spolder (193)straight (109388)this will end in school shooting (63)tiara (2348)wedgie (1345)


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