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Like we taught ’em back in 1984
safe (1425526)artist:korencz11 (82)starlight glimmer (37843)twilight sparkle (259655)pony (688162)unicorn (202109)1984 (87)alternate universe (5841)atg 2019 (709)comic (89236)communism (636)equal cutie mark (1263)eye clipping through hair (2360)female (757024)filly (50298)filly twilight sparkle (2207)glowing horn (13523)horn (25844)ingsoc (5)magic (57285)mare (333796)necktie (5248)newbie artist training grounds (4445)s5 starlight (970)socialism (29)stalin glimmer (350)telekinesis (20609)unicorn twilight (7872)younger (13823)


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