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Made for the Artist Training Grounds on Equestria Daily https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/06/newbie-artist-training-grounds-ix-day-3.html

Prompt: Draw a pony seeking guidance/Draw a pony in need of schooling

Sunset Shimmer wants Celestia to school her… Celestia is not amused. Someone else seems to be interested, though.

Canterlot High Map


Principal Celestia Model


Rainbow Dash Model


Sunset Shimmer Model


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7 comments posted
Background Pony #863A
After these events, did Sunset evolve a fetish for the spankings.

@Background Pony #FB16
A very naughty girl who is in dire need of some GOOD & HARD! spankings.

@Background Pony #6A68
Because i am a bad girl, please Pricipal Celestia spank me.

@Background Pony #FB16
For some spankings.

@Background Pony #A527
The only way to fix that itch is with some good spankings.
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Background Pony #A527
Sunset picked up an itch she isn’t sure how to scratch during her time-loops, Celestia wants no part of it, and for Rainbow, the context behind it never even happened.
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