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Okay my 4th new print is something I know so many people we’re waiting for, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna from #MyLittlePony! β˜€οΈπŸŒ™
safe (1429673)artist:probablyfakeblonde (428)princess celestia (83672)princess luna (88029)alicorn (163679)pony (698436)chest fluff (25776)cloven hooves (7380)colored hooves (3221)colored wings (4141)duo (39162)ethereal mane (4698)female (760431)flying (29962)leonine tail (5862)looking at each other (12576)mare (335516)multicolored wings (1735)royal sisters (3237)siblings (3749)sisters (5986)spread wings (41017)unshorn fetlocks (18626)wings (53077)


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