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Big Diamond Tiara portrait
safe (1446255)artist:brendahickey (912)idw (12947)apple bloom (44106)applejack (149555)diamond tiara (9154)filthy rich (1029)rainbow dash (205963)rarity (159406)scootaloo (47016)sweetie belle (44314)earth pony (154174)pegasus (194024)pony (713894)unicorn (210700)spoiler:comic (8973)spoiler:comicspiritoftheforest02 (24)angry (20315)baseball cap (1495)bust (32107)cap (3085)desk (2474)female (775644)filly (51550)foal (12544)hat (66160)male (263205)mare (344964)official comic (1928)painting (2903)portrait (25180)speech bubble (17038)stallion (75040)

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3 comments posted
Background Pony #DCBD
Anyone remember when Filthy Rich wasn’t twisted into an expy of Donald Trump, and the point of his character was that he SUBVERTED the ’businessmen are evil’ stereotype?
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