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I can’t believe this absolute CLASSIC hadn’t been uploaded yet…
Thanks to Raptorshy for pointing out that it has been, reverse image search just failed me again.

This is a slightly "fixed" version of the original, I removed a very annoying glitch at the top right. There are still a few remaining minor glitches at the bottom. I also removed the long-dead URL at the bottom, I don’t normally do this and I hope it’s ok in this case. (It was not, hence this reupload.)

I actually watched this for hours on end at some point, and in the process found out that this synchronizes really well with "Pendulum: The Island", a wonderfully appropriate song for this, as it’s a bit of a sort of "BDSM anthem" I guess (and also my favorite song ever). I have fairly elaborate and specific ideas for making a video out of this, but I have no video editing skills yet and I’m very busy with programming so this would be at least a few years out…
suggestive (108707)artist:johnjoseco (4206)edit (91252)editor:hexstream (1)princess celestia (81177)twilight sparkle (250706)princess molestia (3016)animated (81887)bdsm (4208)black and white (9277)blindfold (3303)blindfolded (41)blushing (147169)bondage (25658)bondage furniture (1295)collar (23383)female (709489)femsub (5760)grayscale (30394)leash (5628)monochrome (131467)onomatopoeia (1693)pony (649329)riding crop (1479)smack (95)spanking (2128)spreader bar (1771)submissive (9087)tail wrap (4811)unicorn (184470)unicorn twilight (6043)wooden horse (153)yelling (2351)


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