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Yeah, the prompt was: Pony Showing Of Their Moves
So here is Sweetie Bot showing what her new thrusters can do. Heat-rayin' teacups.
I hope you like it.
safe1588635 artist:lizardwithhat71 sweetie belle46890 trixie62740 twilight sparkle284710 alicorn198009 pony855852 robot7028 robot pony3147 unicorn271176 atg 2019731 beam250 bipedal31005 detailed background416 female929547 fire10172 magic66524 mare420940 newbie artist training grounds5703 speech bubble20787 standing upright30 sweetie bot1275 teacup2636 teacups16 that pony sure does love teacups286 thruster9 trixie is not amused157 trollight sparkle44 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116197 twilight's castle3330 unamused13998


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