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Yeah, the prompt was: Pony Showing Of Their Moves  
So here is Sweetie Bot showing what her new thrusters can do. Heat-rayin’ teacups.
I hope you like it.
safe (1429118)artist:lizardwithhat (56)sweetie belle (43816)trixie (56053)twilight sparkle (260466)alicorn (163512)pony (697877)robot (6053)robot pony (2620)unicorn (203245)atg 2019 (709)beam (233)bipedal (27014)detailed background (245)female (759890)fire (8673)magic (57500)mare (335116)newbie artist training grounds (4446)speech bubble (16667)standing upright (24)sweetie bot (1220)teacup (2259)teacups (16)that pony sure does love teacups (265)thruster (9)trixie is not amused (114)trollight sparkle (40)twilight's castle (2825)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102072)unamused (11304)


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