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safe (1447425)artist:mediasmile666 (58)mean applejack (210)mean fluttershy (188)mean pinkie pie (169)mean rainbow dash (150)mean rarity (220)mean twilight sparkle (522)alicorn (167966)earth pony (154744)pegasus (194541)pony (715212)unicorn (211200)the mean 6 (1342)abstract background (9558)bandana (3854)cape (7840)cheek fluff (3250)chest fluff (26432)clone (1519)clone six (54)clothes (362424)ear fluff (18425)evil mane six (27)female (776860)floppy ears (41921)frown (19864)glowing eyes (8642)grin (28552)liarjack (383)lidded eyes (19517)looking at you (123504)mare (345823)mean six (52)raised eyebrow (5462)raised hoof (32666)scarf (18165)scrunchy face (6378)sidemouth (435)sitting (46905)smiling (186676)socks (49955)speedpaint available (241)


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