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safe1615539 artist:mediasmile66661 mean applejack254 mean fluttershy220 mean pinkie pie193 mean rainbow dash180 mean rarity249 mean twilight sparkle709 alicorn206046 earth pony215875 pegasus257243 pony883338 unicorn285194 the mean 61608 abstract background12674 bandana4948 cape9533 cheek fluff4767 chest fluff34332 clone2208 clone six60 clothes425931 ear fluff25326 evil mane six26 female1286028 floppy ears47830 frown21831 glowing eyes10337 grin34633 liarjack394 lidded eyes28211 looking at you152580 mare439419 mean six71 raised eyebrow6312 raised hoof40729 scarf21525 scrunchy face6841 sidemouth492 sitting57498 smiling224517 socks59653 speedpaint available370


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