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Original concept by

Vectors I used:
Twilight Sparkle —
Comet Tail —
Shining Armor —
Cadence —
Night Light (Twilight's Dad) —
Twilight Velvet (Twilight's Mom) —
Spike —
Flurry Heart (Cadence and Shining's Daughter) -
safe (1488672) artist:3d4d (928) comet tail (813) night light (1830) princess cadance (29036) princess flurry heart (5802) shining armor (20786) spike (70907) twilight sparkle (269897) twilight velvet (3564) alicorn (176192) pony (766915) cometlight (294) female (813167) male (276879) shipping (172217) straight (113975) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (107531)


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le grand rêveur
@Background Pony #08B6

I’ll say they were nice, but they’re out of the picture, Sunset takes the fall.
Twilight is alone now and is too busy with school to look for a new love.
This one could fall on him in a future episode.

For my part I propose Stygan because he had a similar course to Twilight.
The difference is that he fell off the dark side and now knows it’s dangerous.
He could be a guide in the darkness to come.
I see a future episode or movie.

le grand rêveur
disagree, the fact is that these characters did not meet and Comet tail was not developed in the show and so it remains a fan fiction.
this is aesthetic however
Background Pony #8AD5
I used to like this ship, but then I realized it was silly and Comet has no personality. Flashlight is much better.