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Rarity and Sweetie Belle go to see Sunset Shimmer preform her stage hypnosis act at a local park. When Sunset calls for volunteers from the audience, Sweetie Belle volunteers because she had fun being hypnotized at the talent show and Rarity decides to go with her just to prove she is too sophisticated to be hypnotized. However, both sisters easily fall under the hypnotic spell of Sunset Shimmer: Mistress of the Mind and are ready to obey their lovely mistress

Like my last piece, anyone is welcome to make a fan-fic or alternative representation based on this pic so long as they put a link in the comments. Thank you.
artist needed (23083)safe (1428746)rarity (157589)sunset shimmer (50647)sweetie belle (43810)equestria girls (159624)1000 hours in ms paint (4339)boots (16029)clothes (355547)high heels (8099)hypno eyes (80)hypnosis (2491)hypnotized (1125)pendulum swing (237)pocket watch (244)sexy (18454)shoes (24055)solo (875696)swirly eyes (1690)


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