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3/4 contest entry for icey-wicey-1517 `s contest.
The most simply and appealing one imo X D

Here`s quick backstory that I`ve come up with during designing this one:
He`s son of the two popular musicians and inherited their love for music. He works as a DJ in his own club and writes songs and music in his free time.
This dude is very calm and staying away from all the drama. He`s planning on opening his music school when he is older, but now he wants to enjoy sick beats.

Why am I making characters that I`m jealous of? I want to be calm and have this type of haircut too X D Someday…

Base was made by SelenaEde (don`t want to spam her with notifications)
Base link —…

Art © me
MLP © Hasbro
safe (1505002) artist:funny-arts (30) artist:selenaede (1281) dj pon-3 (27465) octavia melody (21658) vinyl scratch (31560) oc (568742) oc:techno wave (1) earth pony (173845) pony (781878) unicorn (235011) base used (12818) ear piercing (18808) earring (15805) female (829190) headphones (6306) jewelry (44305) lesbian (87602) magical lesbian spawn (9173) male (282880) next generation (5670) offspring (31386) parent:octavia melody (242) parent:vinyl scratch (344) parents:scratchtavia (147) piercing (31154) ponytail (14256) scratchtavia (2747) shipping (174897) simple background (317303) stallion (83056) white background (79333) wristband (2694)


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