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3/4 contest entry for icey-wicey-1517 `s contest. 
The most simply and appealing one imo X D

Here`s quick backstory that I`ve come up with during designing this one:
   He`s son of the two popular musicians and inherited their love for music. He works as a DJ in his own club and writes songs and music in his free time. 
   This dude is very calm and staying away from all the drama. He`s planning on opening his music school when he is older, but now he wants to enjoy sick beats. 

Why am I making characters that I`m jealous of? I want to be calm and have this type of haircut too X D Someday…

Base was made by SelenaEde (don`t want to spam her with notifications) 
Base link –…

Art © me
MLP © Hasbro 
safe (1377998)artist:funny-arts (27)artist:selenaede (969)dj pon-3 (26230)octavia melody (20545)vinyl scratch (30328)oc (501690)oc:techno wave (1)base used (8882)ear piercing (15552)earring (13300)earth pony (134249)female (710767)headphones (5666)jewelry (35437)lesbian (77486)magical lesbian spawn (7714)male (241208)next generation (4045)offspring (27196)parent:octavia melody (214)parents:scratchtavia (126)parent:vinyl scratch (307)piercing (26464)pony (650272)ponytail (12340)scratchtavia (2627)shipping (156705)simple background (277608)stallion (67186)unicorn (185021)white background (68414)wristband (2262)


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