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2/4 contest entry for icey-wicey-1517 `s contest. 
Struggled with this one a lot for some reasons. 

Here`s really quick backstory that I`ve come up with during designing this one:
   She`s a wolf in sheep`s clothes. Being daughter of princess`s friends and being around princess a lot build ponies` trust for her. Meanwhile she is planning on taking over Ponyville and then the whole Equestria. But her biggest dream is to be able to rise the sun. 
   She`s very smart and tricky. She has very powerful magic powers and she`s constantly learning new spells and practicing her magic powers. 
   Her shinning marks are from birth and represent strong magic power.

Base was made by SelenaEde (don`t want to spam her with notifications) 
Base link –…

Art © me
MLP © Hasbro 
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