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2/4 contest entry for icey-wicey-1517 `s contest.
Struggled with this one a lot for some reasons.

Here`s really quick backstory that I`ve come up with during designing this one:
She`s a wolf in sheep`s clothes. Being daughter of princess`s friends and being around princess a lot build ponies` trust for her. Meanwhile she is planning on taking over Ponyville and then the whole Equestria. But her biggest dream is to be able to rise the sun.
She`s very smart and tricky. She has very powerful magic powers and she`s constantly learning new spells and practicing her magic powers.
Her shinning marks are from birth and represent strong magic power.

Base was made by SelenaEde (don`t want to spam her with notifications)
Base link —…

Art © me
MLP © Hasbro
safe (1526946) artist:funny-arts (30) artist:selenaede (1331) starlight glimmer (41576) sunset shimmer (54726) oc (575697) oc:sunshine falls (1) pony (801799) unicorn (244980) anklet (704) base used (13608) blank flank (6786) ear piercing (19842) earring (16616) female (851670) jewelry (46404) lesbian (89253) magical lesbian spawn (9432) mare (390171) necklace (14113) next generation (5752) offspring (32168) parent:starlight glimmer (1068) parent:sunset shimmer (1278) parents:shimmerglimmer (119) piercing (32464) raised hoof (36687) shimmerglimmer (393) shipping (177392) simple background (326197) white background (81802)


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