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1/4 contest entry for icey-wicey-1517 `s contest.
My lest favorite of all 4 X D

Here`s quick backstory that I`ve come up with during designing this one (need to practice my English a bit X D):
She lost vision on her right eye when she was a little child. It happened because she was playing with her magic and had a sudden magic outburst that damaged her eye. Later on she got interested in technology and started studying in this field. She made many cool things for herself and others. She even did some thing for royal guard, which made her father very proud of his daughter.
Also, she inherited many "aspects" of her father`s look, so she dyed tips of her hair purple (but decided to dye tail tips blue) and has purple contact lens (she need it anyway, because only her left eye is working and because of it her eyesight is worsening from time to time).
She also has technology themed tattoos to express her love for this subject and cope with insecurities about her non-seeing eye.

Base was made by SelenaEde (don`t want to spam her with notifications)
Base link —…

Art © me
MLP © Hasbro
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