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Some time ago I found on the internet a series of character redesigns for the Mane6 from My Little Pony, made for G5. Seeing the…
safe (1412802)artist:geminineart (7)rainbow dash (201917)spoiler:g5 (441)alternate cutie mark (1180)bracer (178)colored wings (4065)cutie mark (32964)female (746126)g5 (562)goggles (11581)grin (27549)looking at you (118362)mare (327264)part of a set (6919)pegasus (183284)pony (677477)rainbow dash (g5) (78)rearing (4390)redesign (938)simple background (286392)smiling (180167)solo (866627)spread wings (40331)unshorn fetlocks (18333)watermark (12695)wings (51303)


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