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Some time ago I found on the internet a series of character redesigns for the Mane6 from My Little Pony, made for G5. Seeing the…
safe (1426092)artist:geminineart (7)rainbow dash (203483)pegasus (187208)pony (694202)spoiler:g5 (446)alternate cutie mark (1206)bracer (186)colored wings (4128)cutie mark (33821)female (757833)g5 (574)goggles (11703)grin (27944)looking at you (120104)mare (333979)part of a set (7074)rainbow dash (g5) (80)rearing (4457)redesign (961)simple background (290053)smiling (182683)solo (874228)spread wings (40867)unshorn fetlocks (18578)watermark (12533)wings (52696)


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